I am an artist and therapist (she/her) who helps people create the lives they want to live using art and creative expression in therapeutic and educational ways.


For almost twenty years, I have worked as a university art professor and artist mentor helping people connect with their creative vision and develop their skills. In my professional studio practice, I have explored the ways that experience is lived through stories and how those stories create meaning in our lives.


As a therapist, I help people to develop meaningful relationships with their problems in order to transform difficulties into creative projects that move them towards their preferred ways of living and being. I am passionate about co-creating a world of possibilities and positive growth to foster well-being in the people who come to consult with me. My work honors people’s knowledges* and perspectives and seeks to connect them with the things they give value to and treasure.


Do you have to be an artist or artistic to work with me? No! I offer a wide range of approaches that can, but doesn't have to, include creative expression in its many forms. Many people who work with me just come to talk.


        My services include:

• Individual, group, and relational (couples and family) counseling

• Consultation

• Mentoring

• Coaching

• Art education

• Art therapy and/or narrative-based education and consultation

   for professional therapists and counselors

• Workshops

• Commissioned artworks, portraits, therapeutic portraiture

• Visual outsider-witnessing


For more information contact me:

Informed Consent, Therapist Resume, Fee Schedule/Negotiated Fee Statement


*I use the plural, knowledges, to recognize that we have multiple ways of knowing: intellectual, somatic, creative, intuitive, etc. I believe that connecting to as many of these ways of knowing as possible creates the most potential for understanding, healing and well-being.